Welcome to RydeCam

A mobile security app for ride sharing services.

View Video

Viewing a live video of the passenger from point A to Z

3-Way Communication

Having a 3-way communication with the driver and the passenger

Track Location

Tracking the exact location of the ride using the imbedded Google maps functionality

Why RydeCam

With RydeCam, drivers (hosts) can share a live video/audio of each ride with their passengers and the passengers’ friends/family (viewers) who are not riding in the car with them.


Step 1: After you download the app, create a live video channel by simply naming a channel for your passenger (for example, Sandra-Airport)

Step 2: Text the channel link to the passenger and passenger’s friend or family and start the live video. The passenger would provide the phone number or RydeCam username of her friend/family who can also watch the live video.

Step 3: If the passenger and friend/family have already downloaded the app, they would simply click on the link to watch the live video. Otherwise, the link would take them to the Google Play Store or IOS Store to download the RydeCam app before they can watch the live video.

Step 4: Before the passenger gets into the car, she would face match the driver and the live video playing on her phone. Friends/family who are watching the live video from home can use all the app features to track the exact location of the ride from point A to Z; listen or talk to both the driver and passenger; and of course, watch the live video of both the driver and passenger.

Step 5: At the final destination, the driver simply ends the live video after the passenger exits the car.

No. RydeCam is a mobile security camera to help you track the live status of your loved ones while they are using ride sharing services.

No. Contact RydeCam customer service about how to obtain recorded video of your ride.

You can send the live video link to a maximum of 4 different phone numbers/usernames provided by the passenger.

RydeCam is completely optional for passengers. If all passengers in the car pool agree to using the service, then yes. Otherwise, you should not live stream any passenger in your car without their consent.

Anyone watching the live video remotely can use the 2-way communication button to listen or join conversations in the car; contact law enforcement with the exact location of the ride; and in some cases, even share the live video with law enforcement.

Yes, you can use the split screen feature on your phone to place RydeCam on the top and Uber/Lyft app at the bottom half of your screen. Contact your service provider about how to use the split screen feature on your phone. Also, If you start your GPS app before you start RydeCam, RydeCam would be displaying on your phone screen while the GPS app would be running in the background. Any direction changes from the GPS app would show up on your screen as a quick pop-up message.

You should not operate RydeCam while you’re driving. Start the video before you start driving and leave up the boxed message to avoid distractions. If you’re not driving, you can easily swipe away the message to view the live video.

No. We’re able to provide RydeCam live videos to you free of charge by displaying a short commercial from our sponsors.

Please email our support team at feedback@RydeCam.com.

RydeCam is available for free on Google Play & App Store